How Artificial Intelligence Makes Raben Tire’s Website a One-Stop Shop for Customers

Raben Tires and Service Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1952
  • 32 locations across 6 states (IN, IL, KY, TN, MO, AR)
  • 2 wholesale distribution centers 
  • 3 retreading facilities
  • More than 500 employees
  • “Over 65 years of family values giving you a customer-first experience.”

Founded in 1952, Raben Tires and Service grew from one modest location on Fourth Street in downtown Evansville, IN to one of the largest tire and service companies in the Midwest

With over 30 stores across six Midwestern states, Raben Tire knows the importance of staying efficient in order to deliver the ultimate customer experience. 

Your Schedule is Their Top Priority

For the team at Raben Tire, “your schedule is our priority.” Their newest customer-first solution is Openbay Otis, Raben’s new artificial intelligence-powered virtual service advisor. 

According to Scott Anderson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Raben Tires and Service, “we added Otis to the pre-launch of our newly designed company website. It was the right decision for us since it offers an enhanced service to our customers and makes it even easier to do business with us. It’s a natural fit for what we’re trying to do for our customers and the timing was right,” Scott explains. 

With the help of Otis, Raben Tire’s customers will no longer have to carve time out of their schedule to make a phone call to the shop. Now, the customer will simply visit, type in their question in the pop-up chat window from any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) and get answers immediately. Whether they need a personalized service estimate, an appointment booking or they just need to confirm business hours, Openbay Otis will deliver a quick response. 

Otis is the first-of-its-kind, engineered specifically for the automotive service industry. Using machine learning and natural language processing, Otis speaks the industry lingo and gets smarter and smarter with each interaction.  

A One Stop Shop for Customers

Plus, for the Raben Tire team, Otis works around the clock without any need for human intervention. Using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Otis delivers instantaneous responses before, during and after Raben Tire’s business hours. In Scott’s words, their new company website coupled with the addition of an AI-powered virtual service advisor makes a “one stop shop for our customers, and the feedback has been outstanding.”

Raben Tire’s service department is raving about their new Otis digital tool as well. By automating time-consuming administrative tasks like appointment scheduling and service estimates Scott quickly noticed that “Otis gives time back to our service associates.” How much time exactly? Over the course of 30 days, Openbay Otis saved the Raben Tire team 2 days, 19 hours, 26 minutes and 28 seconds of time. Here’s why: 

In just 30 days, Openbay Otis:

  • Held 667 conversations with Raben Tire’s online visitors
  • Delivered over 50 service estimates to potential customers
  • Scheduled over 70 appointments
  • Generated over 150 new contacts

After seeing how Otis contributes to Raben Tire’s business strategy, Scott is especially impressed by the fact that, “we didn’t have to build our own tool. Openbay was there for us.” 

With the help of Openbay Otis, Raben Tire is able to more efficiently achieve their goal of delivering a customer-first experience by leveraging the latest AI-powered technology.

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