Rivian Goes Public – Will Openbay Service EV On Its Automotive Services Marketplace?

First the big news, Rivian went public yesterday (November 10th, 2021) making all kind of headlines and breaking records. In 2019 members of Openbay attended the New York International Auto Show. Rivian was on display and we were able to take a few pictures and a video of a vehicle walkthrough.

Openbay is currently servicing plug-in hybrid vehicles on its nationwide automotive services marketplace. When EVs break into higher percentages of vehicles in operation on U.S. roads, the demand for service will increase. Independent automotive service providers will have to invest in tech skillsets and equipment to service EVs. Yes, they still need service. With this investment, shops may be forced to increase their hourly labor rate due to the level of skills required to service an EV.

EV’s have many mechanical parts that wear and will need service or replacement from time to time, although not as frequent as pure gasoline powered vehicles. There will be electrical component failures that will need to be diagnosed and possibly replaced.

Openbay will expand its platform to promote automotive service providers with the skillsets and equipment to service EV when the demand increases. Openbay prides itself on its ability to be a matchmaker between consumers with unique service needs for their personal vehicle and local automotive service centers. Service centers are not all alike. Openbay matches consumers having a specific need for service for their specific year-make-model vehicle with automotive service providers that can deliver that service for that consumer’s specific year-make-model vehicle. A perfect match!

The journey ahead will be a fun ride for all.


Here is Rivian’s EV skateboard platform.

And a closer look at the copy.

Here is copy from the display above;

0-60 in 3 sections. Pure Electric Propulsion

The Rivian electric drive delivers remarkable power and torque through four independent motors with approximately 200 horsepower available at each wheel. This precise torque control enables active torque vectoring and maximized performance in every situation, from high-speed corning to low-speed rock crawling. Where the pavement ends, the real fun begins.

Up to 400+ Mile Range – The greatest electric range of any truck or SUV

With up to 180kWh, we’ve not only developed the world’s largest automotive battery pack, we’ve also built the most adorable. Our energy-dense battery module and pack were developed with the most demanding journeys in mind – incorporating tough underbody protection and an advanced cooling system to give you confidence to go further regardless of terrain or temperature. Beyond preparing you for the zombie apocalypse, our adaptive control algorithms learn your behavior – optimizing user-specific battery management for maximizing battery life, reliability and second life reusability.

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