How R&G Auto in Alexandria, VA Delivers a Five-Star Customer Experience

How R&G Auto in Alexandria, VA Delivers a Five-Star Customer Experience

Are you an automotive service provider looking to deliver the ultimate customer experience? Take notes from Alex Arauju, Owner of R&G Auto, located in Alexandria, Virginia. Alex’s auto shop has been successfully serving the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia (DMV) area since 2007. With customer reviews this good, we had to ask him how they do it:

Google          5 of 5 stars        (35 reviews)
Yelp                5 of 5 stars         (95 reviews)
Openbay     4.9 of 5 stars     (48 reviews)
Facebook    4.7 of 5 stars     (11 reviews)
Signpost      4.7 of 5 stars      (27 reviews)
SureCritic  4.7 of 5 stars      (77 reviews)

One challenge for small businesses is thinking about the bigger picture, while also focusing on the day-to-day. Alex is forward-thinking, and understands that millennials and generation Z customers avoid talking on the phone and expect answers on-demand. He also knows that his operating hours (M-F 8:30-5:30, Sat 8:30-2, Closed Sunday) make it impossible to deliver repair estimates and quick answers to customers right when they need them. Therefore, when Openbay presented two perfect solutions to help his business run hands-off 24/7/365, Alex said SIGN ME UP!

With the help of Openbay Otis and Openbay Service Advisor, Alex and his team save tons of time gathering customer information, creating quotes, reviewing estimates, answering administrative questions and booking appointments.

“Openbay lets the customer know about us before they walk in the door. It helps the customers understand what service they will get and what to expect. They come to us informed. And, an educated customer is the best kind of customer,” Alex explains.  

You may have seen headlines in Tire Business, Ratchet+Wrench or Aftermarket Intel about the auto industry’s first AI-powered virtual service advisor, Openbay Otis. Perhaps you heard Openbay’s Founder and CEO, Rob Infantino, talking about it on WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station, or AAA’s Car Doctor Podcast. Here’s what Alex has to say about it: “Openbay works. It helps remove some of the hurdles a customer has when looking for automotive services. Openbay helps us get new cars and customers in the door. Once we get them in it’s our job to give them great service.”

The initial setup for automatic service quote generation to capture parts, labor and taxes for all vehicles supported by R&G Auto was quick and easy. Now, all of the usual time-consuming tasks are now handled virtually by Openbay’s cutting edge tools. Plus, customers get the answers they need in real time.

Most importantly for Alex, who values transparency and honesty, “[Openbay] helps create a fair experience for everyone, and helps the customer make a decision that’s educated.” For R&G Auto, with the help of Openbay’s modern business solutions, they see more and more empowered customers walk through their door knowing exactly what to expect.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of consumers will engage with a business without interacting with another human being. Don’t get left behind. Join R&G Auto in delivering a top-notch customer experience by signing up for your free trial of Openbay Otis today.


ABOUT R&G AUTO: R & G Auto Repair has been serving the Alexandria and DMV area since 2007.  We’re here to help you with your automotive needs. R & G Auto Repair works on all types of cars. We have superiors experience in the repairs on both foreign and domestic autos.  With R & G’s staff of trained mechanics, you will find them friendly, courteous and their work to be excellent. R & G Auto Repair provides a range of services for all your automobile needs.

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