What is a Mobile Mechanic & What’s It Like to Work with One?

Mobile mechanics tend to do really well on Openbay‘s auto-repair marketplace. The reason? Our users’ #1 reason for choosing a service provider is distance.

What is a Mobile Mechanic?

A mechanic that comes to you, whether you’re at home, work or wherever. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!
When Openbay vehicle owners sort through quotes for their auto-repair service, mobile mechanics’ distance displays as 0.00 miles.

What’s it Like to Use a Mobile Mechanic?

In a recent Openbay blog post, we had featured Nate Cousins, owner of Cousins Automotive, in nearby Ipswich, MA. Following the interview of this savvy young entrepreneur, we were determined to give his business a try.

The Service We Needed

An oil change is considered by many to be a great “first date” with a service provider. Oil changes present an opportunity for customers to get a relatively low-cost service, and see how it goes. It’s also a chance for the mechanic to give the vehicle a once-over, sharing any additional issues that might need immediate or future attention. If your technician or service advisor takes time to inspect your vehicle, listen to any concerns, and effectively communicates the diagnoses, he or she may have won a customer for life.

With that in mind, we used Openbay to book service with Nate, owner of Cousins Automotive, for an oil change on our 2002 Audi A4. (If you missed it, the car is so old we felt compelled to explain why we’d just bought it.) Within the service request, we included a request to inspect the vehicle for other issues, including the source of our embarrassingly loud exhaust noise. Our car sounded like a boat, burbling along the streets. We suspected a muffler issue, but wanted to leave the diagnosis to him.

The Appointment

Nate arrived to find the car parked at home, during the workday, with the key hidden over the tire (not that we recommend this, but it’s a quiet neighborhood). Nate changed the oil, and took it for a brief spin, as requested. After additional inspection, he called to explain that the car probably needed a new muffler, as well a flex pipe, and that both pieces could be cut out, and welded onto the existing exhaust. He admitted that the job was more than he wanted to take on, and referred us to an exhaust shop that could handle it. (We’ll explain how that went in a separate post.)

In addition to Nate’s diagnosis of the exhaust service, he had a recommendation for a front-end noise. The best part: we could handle it ourselves. He proposed we pick up some European-spec power-steering fluid, to replenish the supply. “When you open your hood, you’ll see a green cap on the right. Pour it in, and you’ll be all set,” he advised. One Amazon Prime delivery later (again, no need to even leave the house!), and our car was running with one less noise.

Our Recommendation

At the end of the day, the car remained at the house all day, the oil was changed, with key left in the same spot, and we hadn’t even had to lift a finger. Nate, at Cousins Automotive, confirmed just how great it can be to work with a capable, communicative, honest mobile mechanic. And he’s just earned himself a new, loyal customer. Except for the exhaust work, which is just another chapter in the story of maintaining an older vehicle. Hey, at least we’re armed with the easiest way to arrange all those services!

Ready to try out a mobile mechanic yourself? Use Openbay to find one close to you.


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