11 Crazy Car Facts

11 Did-You-Know Car Facts about the US:

  • There are about 250 million cars on the road
  • Of those cars, 80% are out of warranty
  • The average age of a car on the road is 11.4-years old
  • 62% of millennials don’t have sufficient savings to cover an unexpected $500 car repair
  • The average cost of a car repair in 2013 was $392
  • Using a simple, free app can reduce your long-term vehicle ownership costs; regular maintenance will almost surely save you some hefty repair bills in the long run
  • Only about 87% of people wear seat belts
  • Adults age 18-34 are less likely to wear seat belts than adults 35+ years old
  • Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injury and death by about 50%
  • In 2012, driver distraction was the cause of 18% of all fatal crashes, and crashes resulting in an injury
  • Text messaging while driving creates a crash risk 23X worse than driving while not distracted

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Sources: CBS News, Bankrate, CDC, FCC

Openbay Staff