Funny Customer Request: Car Trouble (ABS Light) Triggers Food Binge

Car trouble can be stressful — there’s nothing like the dreaded check-engine light haunting you, without any further explanation of what needs to be done to fix your car. Openbay recently received a service request from a driver whose illuminated ABS light allegedly triggered a food binge, or at least an excuse to have some fun filling in the notes section of the repair order. We also got to enjoy the funny customer request!

Here are the (very detailed) notes that accompanied the request to remedy the illuminated ABS light:

ABS LIGHT ON ALL THE TIME. when you turn on the engine first time early in the morning at 5:00 am, the light is there. Then you drive away to the coffee shop and park; after two cups of coffee and eating couple of muffins, a breakfast egg sandwich with sausage and bacon, cheese and tomato and few slices of jalapeño pepper, and half a dozen doughnuts, you get back in the car at 6:20 am and when the engine is started, the ABS light is there. You park at work for several hours, and when the engine gets started to go to have lunch, at 11:30 am, the light is there. After having a bowl of clam chowder, large salad with shrimps, smoked oysters, lumps of Alaskan king crab, and a slow grilled porterhouse steak, a glass of red wine, slices of chocolate cake, raspberry filled pastries and cream cheese pie with mature figs, upon starting the car, ABS light is on all the time. At the end of the day, at 4:45 pm, driving home to rest and have dinner, because the hunger pains are destroying your inner guts, the ABS light is on. After resting and having a light dinner consisting of a 32″ diameter pizza with Italian meats, vegetables, cheeses, olives, six garlic heads and eight onions and special tomato sauce, you drive to see a girlfriend to take her out for a buffet dinner at the Greek festival parlor and have a few drinks, the ABS light is on.

As of now, Openbay has delivered the driver with 12 quotes from local automotive technicians who are ready to diagnose the issue behind the ABS light and solve the car trouble. We might even go the extra mile, and share recommendations for nearby restaurants — or cardiologists — nearby the chosen service provider.

Drive safely, and remember — car trouble, ABS-light related or otherwise, doesn’t have to send you, your car, and your diet into a tailspin. Finding a local automotive service professional, to keep your car and your body healthy, is easier than ever with Openbay.

Openbay Staff