Meet Howard, Who Followed Lifehacker’s Advice on Car Repairs

Per Lifehacker, “Comparison shopping for car repairs is hard when you can’t actually drag your car from one shop to another. Openbay helps solve this…” Howard followed Lifehacker’s advice on car repairs and booked service for his Mini Cooper through Openbay. Here’s how it went.

Where do you live, and what type of vehicle do you drive?

I live in Somerville, MA and I drive a 2006 Mini Cooper.

How did you find Openbay?

I’d read about Openbay through a blog post on Lifehacker. I was initially drawn to Openbay because of the ability to get quotes from a number of different shops. There are lots of shops in my neighborhood, so I never know if I’m getting a fair price, but I don’t really want to spend a full day researching and calling around to shops.

Has Openbay delivered, as you had expected?

Yes, it was great to be able to see the quotes and make a decision on my own. In the past, when I’ve brought my car in for repairs, a shop would quote the job and then I’d make a decision right there. Through Openbay, I was able to compare the prices in my own time and make a decision when I was ready.

Prior to Openbay, where did you learn about auto repair shops near you?

I usually went to the closest repair shop to my home. Typically, I would call a couple of shops shops, and pay whatever they asked. Using Openbay, I was able to find shops that I hadn’t even considered. The shop I used, Galen St. Sunoco, is actually attached to a gas station, and I’d never thought to go there before. They offered a fair price for a brake job, and they completed the job within my workday, so the car was ready by the time I got out of work.

Would you use Openbay again?

Yes, especially when it comes to larger repairs. I always want to see what the options are so I can make the most educated decision. It’s so easy; why not?

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