America’s Most Common Concerns with Car Buying and Repair

The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) recently released its results of Americans’ Top 10 Most Common Consumer gripes. The patient folks at the CFA had to wade through a list of 281,639 complaints. That’s a lot of grumbling! We couldn’t wait to take a peek.
They distilled the complaints into an easy-to-digest report, including the fastest-growing gripes, worst complaints, and new types of consumer problems, compiled from records of state and local consumer agencies.

Here at Openbay, we weren’t surprised to find the #1 focus of consumer gripes, because it was what inspired our CEO to found this company (read ‘Ah-hah!’ – The Moment That Started Our Story” here) – Automotive!

Within the Automotive Complaint category, there were several areas of concern, so we paired some of them up with a few Openbay blogs to help address the common concerns. We hope these help to answer some of your questions.

Is there an automotive gripe we haven’t covered above? Let us know what you’d like us to cover and we’ll be glad to address your automotive concerns.

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Openbay Staff