13 Reasons to Become an Auto Mechanic

This morning, we caught a LinkedIn post by Tony Molla, the VP of the Automotive Service Association (ASA). He was disturbed by a video posted by a local United Way chapter, where a cartoon depicted a kid who was forced to choose a career in auto repair because he had no other option. We agree: it’s not cool to “diss” auto mechanics. And UW must have realized this, because the video has since been yanked (well done!).

United Way, and many of its local chapters, have executed many fantastic campaigns to donate car-repair service to underserved families, so we know that United Way understands the value of a well-running vehicle on people’s livelihood. Equally important is supporting the individuals and organizations dedicated to keeping those cars in good condition, so families can get back on the road in safe vehicles. In an ideal world, we hope there’ll be a kumbaya session between UW and ASA where they find a way to work together on one of those great car-repair campaigns. Let’s make lemonade out of lemons, right?

Here at Openbay, we celebrate auto mechanics every day! They are the lifeblood of our business, and we couldn’t do our jobs, or satisfy our members’ vehicle needs without them.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list… 

13 Reasons to Become (or Love Being) an Auto Mechanic –

Dreaming of becoming an auto mechanic? You should, and here’s why…

1) Your days are always different – you’re learning about new technology, and just when you’ve finished one job, another new vehicle rolls through the garage doors. Variety is the spice of life!

2) There are 240 million cars on the road. Of those, 80% are in the maintenance/repair phase, meaning there’s plenty of work to be done. Even with changes in the economy, people need to drive, and they need you to do it.

3) You don’t have to be stuck behind a desk all day. As they say, “sitting is today’s smoking,” and, because they’re always on the move, auto technicians have an edge. Your Fitbit probably loves you. Heck, maybe you’ll even live longer!

Do you have to sit a desk all day? No siree, Bob!

4) If you’re good at what you do (in auto repair, as in life), the world is your oyster. You can stay where you are and be the best auto mechanic there is, earning a loyal customer base, or start your own shop, or work at the dealership for your favorite automaker. Maybe you want to work in the corporate world, representing your favorite brand. Or, if you can write well, author technical manuals, an automotive trade publication, or – a dream job – be a journalist at one of the “buff books” like Car and Driver or Automobile. As we’ve noted earlier, courtesy of our friends at the Auto Care Association, your options for a career in Auto Care are virtually endless. It’s true: check out the job board here.

5) Like riddles? You’re in luck. Check out this crazy modern-car fact from physics.org: “Your car has more computing power than the system that guided Apollo astronauts to the moon.” Wow! Vehicles are so complex these days, and you possess a unique skill-set; you’re able to decipher mechanical issues alongside constantly evolving technology.

6) You can save some money by doing repairs on your own car. Not bad, considering the average cost of a check-engine light repair in the US is close to $400.

7) You’re a valued friend. Having a mechanic pal to gut-check recommended auto repairs is a dream come true.

We got a kick out of caption to this flickr photo: “My mechanic says it’s not good, and he’s cheap.”

8) If you’re a single guy, you might just be in high demand. Want a chuckle? Search social media for “mechanic boyfriend” and you’ll be amazed at some of the funny (but sad, because nobody likes having a broken-down car) posts. OK, we’re joking here, but you should know how much people love you!

9) People appreciate you. You help to keep cars humming, so people can go back to their holidays, their families, their errands, and their joy rides. None of that would be possible without you. With every vehicle you’re fixing, you’re allowing us to arrive on time, protecting our precious cargo, and making someone’s day.

Thanks to you, we know our precious cargo is safe.

10) Your show-and-tell is invaluable. Auto techs who spare a minute to show customers what’s wrong, what’s worn, and what’s broken, and which car repairs will be coming soon, are the best. You help us to understand the “why” under the hood, you help to explain the value of your work, and you help us to budget for months ahead. An informed auto-repair customer is a happy customer.

11) You can always pick up new work. Just as tech in the cars is evolving, so are the tools customers are using to find you. Openbay is a great example – customers near you are logging in, searching for good mechanics, and if your business has the capacity for extra work, you can respond with a quote. Best of all, there’s no risk – you don’t pay Openbay a cent until a customer’s car rolls into your shop. Remember, everyone: today’s technology is your friend!

12) There’s a beauty to fixing something with your own hands. Generations before you know this, and it brings you back to basics. Relish it.

13) You get to be around the cars you love. Sure, some days are a slog (that’s why they call it a job!), but there are tons of people whose personal passion is completely separate from what they do. Even on the worst of days, we bet it cheers you up to see a cool car coming your way. We know how you feel.
To all the auto technicians out there, thanks for keeping us going. And to all the kids out there considering a career as a mechanic, keep going, study hard, and good luck in your pursuit – we value you.

As always, drive safely!

Image credits: Robert Benner, MattysFlicks, frankieleon, Bradley Gordon, flickr

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