Honda Village Uses an Online Chat Platform to Connect with Millennials, Turning Positive Customer Experiences into Growth

Honda Village is a Honda dealership and service center serving the greater Boston area. It is part of the Village Automotive Group, which was founded in 1963. Honda Village is a well-known and respected leader in the automotive industry and in their local community. One reason for their lasting success? A focus on customer experiences. From the beginning, Honda Village has focused on the customer. It’s not a surprise that today they rank #1 in customer satisfaction for their expertise and commitment to their customers. 

The Honda Village service center has over 12 service bays and 15 technicians, including the area’s largest number of Honda Master Technicians. The staff at Honda Village is carefully selected for their high level of competency, their understanding of the latest technologies, and their ability to connect with customers. 

The leadership team at Honda Village stays on top of the latest developments in the industry. As a result, they became interested in Openbay Otis, the advanced online chat platform, as a solution to keep their winning customer experience ahead of the competition.


One-on-One Conversations Make a Difference

For Joe Panichella, Automotive Service Manager, the ability to connect with customers instantly and automatically is critical – whether it is to answer a question, schedule an appointment, or receive a quote for service. This is especially true for Millennial vehicle owners who start their service experience online. “Getting instant answers to a younger driver is priceless,” says Joe. “Also, having the Openbay ASP app lets us interact with our customers in real-time. From a business perspective, being out in front of people and having one-on-one conversations really makes a difference.”


Growing the Millennial Market Segment and Service Revenue

The Honda Village team installed Openbay Otis on their website and saw results instantly. Joe explains: “Openbay Otis installed on our website resulted in material growth in the number of service appointments booked online and an increase in customers representing the millennial market segment. We attribute our customer growth to Otis’ ease of use and how it performs on mobile devices.”

In conclusion, Joe’s final words of advice for an automotive service business considering Otis are to give it a try. “It’s a no brainer… I haven’t seen growth like this from a new product in my twenty years in the business.”

To discover what Openbay Otis can to create customer experiences that drive growth, learn more here, or contact Openbay at 888.601.0399 or online.



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