5 Most Common Non-Moving Violations

We know, we know, you’re a great driver. You almost never get pulled over for speeding, right? Well, guess what – speeding isn’t the only reason why you might be pulled over by the cops.
Here are 5 of the most common non-moving violations to watch out for.
1. Your Future’s So Bright 
Your car is no doubt your pride and joy and is an important part of your image. We agree – you rock. However, no matter how cool you think those super dark windows are, the cops are likely to disagree. Stick within the legal tint levels for your state to avoid having to have a discussion with the cops about illegal window tinting.
2. Shine On 
One of the most common reasons for being pulled over because of your car is if one of your headlights or taillights is broken or burnt out. It’s worth it to turn on your lights occasionally when parked at home and just check them to make sure everything is working. After all, it’s better for you to figure out there is a problem before hitting the road than to have a cop bring this to your attention.
3. All Broken Up 
It happens all the time. You’re driving down the road, minding your own business and wham! A rock hits your windshield out of nowhere and now you have a little chip. It’s a bummer, but go get that chip fixed while it’s still just a chip. A broken windshield is a really good way to get to meet your friendly neighborhood cop thanks to your new moving violation.
4. Expired Registration
When the registration renewal notice arrived in the mail arrived from the DMV, you likely tossed it aside and forgot about it. Well, if you’re pulled over for having expired tags, you’re going to have to pay for a ticket plus the cost of renewing expired tags, so you just caused yourself both money and a headache. And depending upon your state and the officer, your vehicle may get towed. That’s only adds to the number of dollars you need to shell out (towing and storage) and add to the headache you already have.
5. Smoke and Mirrors 
When you start your car or drive off when the light turns green, are you rewarded with a loud noise and a black cloud of smoke from your muffler? Yeah, that doesn’t make you cool; it makes you a problem for the police. This is especially true if you made the exhaust modifications yourself. If  you’re look for a great repair shop, start with Openbay. Compare pricing and book service from quality local shops with the click of a button. Openbay is car repair for today’s world.