Google Ventures’ Rich Miner Talks Openbay

Google Ventures partner, and co-founder of Android, Rich Miner, appeared today on Bloomberg TV to talk about his investments. When asked which companies, within his portfolio, he was excited about, he talked Openbay (1:36-2:10)!

“We have a seed investment in a promising company called Openbay, which is looking at the 200 million cars on the road, that [need] to get their car fixed…”

“And you typically have a hard time figuring out what garage you should take your car to. So Openbay… you press a button – say you need to get your clutch fixed; you’ve told it the make and model of your car. It helps tell you what garages around will fix the car for what price. It’ll schedule it, it’ll handle the payment, all with a simple press of a few buttons on a mobile app.”

– Rich Miner, partner, Google Ventures & co-founder of Android

Openbay Staff